For foreigners, China offers health insurance

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Expat Health Insurance in China

The best word to describe health insurance in China would be “inconsistent”. In major cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, the standard of care is extraordinary. Some of the most important medical research in the world can be found there. The wide variety of clinics and hospitals, highly trained specialists and multilingual staff ensures that expats in China get the best care. Rural areas can have a different story. Expats from China frequently report that medical coverage and health services are sometimes very limited in remote areas. A quality health insurance plan is highly recommended to ensure that you have the best possible coverage at elite private hospitals.

Best Medical Insurance Plans For Foreigners In China

There are many options for expat insurance in China if you’re moving abroad. Foreigners and expatriates can buy worldwide coverage while they are living in China. These plans offer coverage up to $5,000,000 and include outpatient and hospital care, prescription medication and mental health coverage.

China Access Health was the first plan to provide expatriate and global health insurance coverage in China. They remain a top international provider. China Access Health is a great option for Chinese expats looking for a quality plan with global coverage.

What is the cost of Chinese health insurance for foreigners?

International insurance for Chinese citizens will cost on average US $4,382 per annum (based on sales data over the past 18 months). For premium coverage, premiums can range from $1,000 to $10,200 per annum. Prices and costs can vary depending on many factors. Pricing is influenced by your age, your benefits package and plan design.

China Employees Can Get Health Insurance

You may be able to get a Chinese-based insurance policy through your employer. You can also have a bilingual friend review the fine print. Chinese will be required to write a policy for Chinese healthcare insurance. For expats who are still learning their Chinese language skills, medical lingo can be difficult. It is important to note the differences between out-patient and in-patient healthcare. Although a policy may seem generous for out-patient care, it can be quite restrictive when the same monetary amount is applied for in-patient healthcare. You may reach your limits quickly if you have to deal with an emergency, illness, or any other condition that requires hospitalization and multiple tests.