Need a Home Air Conditioner Recharge? Call a Professional

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Are you experiencing hot air coming out of your air conditioner? It could be low on refrigerant, and before starting any DIY projects yourself it would probably be wiser to hire an expert instead. Aircon servicing Singapore are confident you will be completely satisfied when we meet your air conditioner requirements in Singapore. As one of the premier air conditioning service companies, Aircon servicing Singapore provide top-quality services at a fair price for you to enjoy the cooling comfort of your unit – and reduce any possible damages to it that might lead to issues for you down the line.

If it is time to replace refrigerant in your air conditioner, Singapore Environmental Protection Agency takes this task very seriously; Section 608 of the Clean Air Act prohibits those without professional certification from handling its refrigerant in your unit. So if your air conditioner needs recharging contact for an assessment and AC recharging service.

How Do I Know if My Air Conditioner Needs a Recharge?

Signs that your air conditioner requires servicing include when it has been running consistently but doesn’t produce sufficient cooling for your house.

Other symptoms to look for include:

Warm air is coming through your vents, and not enough refrigerant has been added to the system to transfer heat away from your home and transfer it. Without enough refrigerant in place, the AC cannot absorb this heat energy effectively.

Your utility bill for electricity increases. Because the AC unit continues to pump cold air into your home, temperatures do not decrease and your air conditioner has to keep running in order to reach the temperature specified on the thermostat.

Refrigerant lines contain an accumulation of ice. When an AC runs low on Freon, its evaporator coil becomes too cold, forcing cold refrigerant into its lines; any moisture present on those lines will begin to freeze over.

Your AC unit emitting loud sounds may indicate an issue with its refrigerant line, or may need servicing or repair.

Why does my home air conditioner need a recharge?

Leakage issues exist with your air conditioning unit. Technically speaking, its refrigerant should never need replacing; however, when operating outside, elements may cause damage that requires leak repairs to be performed on it. Sometimes these leaks are so subtle they take time for their presence to become noticeable; that’s why it is crucial that regular checks of all HVAC components take place.

Can I Recharge My Own Air Conditioner?

No. If you aren’t a licensed HVAC specialist, then legally handling refrigerants like Freon would be illegal. Violating the Clean Air Act could incur fines up to $37,500 – this far surpasses hiring an HVAC specialist!

Hire a Professional for Your Home AC Recharge is your go-to resource for air conditioner recharge and all other air conditioning and heating service needs in Singapore. Reach out today and book an appointment.

Understanding Wet Bulb Temperature

If you want to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, many turn to cooling systems as a solution. But more needs to be taken into consideration than just what temperature the thermostat indicates as “dry”. Understanding wet bulb temperature implications is critical in creating an indoor space which is safe and healthy for inhabitants.

This year’s record-breaking temperatures are having a devastating effect in many southern states, leading to unprecedented highs. What are your thoughts?

Dry Bulb vs. Wet Bulb: What’s the Difference?

To properly comprehend the temperature of a wet bulb, we must first understand dry bulb temperatures. Dry bulb temperatures refer to our familiar standard measurement of heat across space. Standard thermometers are commonly used to gauge weather forecasting. A wet bulb temperature provides us with an indication of humidity; its value determines the minimum achievable by means of evaporative cooling. To measure it accurately, a thermometer must first be encased in a moist cloth before being exposed to air, where its gradual cooling down by way of evaporation allows us to assess its cooling effect relative to humidity levels.

The Dangers of Wet Bulb Temperature

The temperature of the wet bulb provides a measure of our bodies’ ability to cool themselves through sweat, and excessive wet bulb temperatures make this task increasingly difficult for the body. When this happens, heat-related illnesses like exhaustion or stroke become increasingly likely, while current medical issues like heart and respiratory disease become worsened as transpiration rates drop further.

The Importance of a Working Air Conditioning System

Given the risks posed by wet bulbs, having a functional cooling system in your home is of critical importance. Air conditioners provide comforting temperatures and humidity levels in an ideal setting that facilitate our bodies natural cooling processes.

Here are several reasons why an effective air conditioning unit is key in managing the high temperatures caused by wet bulbs:

Temperature Control

Air conditioners create a comfortable indoor temperature by mitigating the damaging effects of wet bulb temperatures outside. By decreasing heat load they create, air conditioners help our bodies cool more effectively.

Humidity Regulation

AC units can also serve to dehumidify indoor environments by extracting moisture from the atmosphere, helping reduce bulb temperatures while simultaneously stopping bacteria growth in high humidity environments and improving indoor air quality.

Health and Safety

Air conditioning can significantly lower the risk of heat-related illness for vulnerable groups such as elderly people or those living with existing health conditions, making your dwelling environment safe, comfortable, and healthy. A functioning AC system will contribute towards creating this ideal living experience.

Call the Experts at

For optimal operating condition of your AC system, seeking professional HVAC assistance from is of utmost importance. Their experienced team of technicians provides complete maintenance, repair, or installation service so as to keep your system working efficiently.

Understanding wet bulb temperature and its implications are critical in order to safeguard yourself against extreme heat and humidity. By maintaining an AC system in your home that effectively cools air, creating an environment which is pleasant, safe and conducive for health, contact professionals immediately so your AC can handle high wet bulb temperatures during summer – stay cool while staying safe!