Verifly Drone Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

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Flying a drone is exhilarating, isn’t it? Whether you’re capturing stunning aerial shots or using it for professional purposes, the thrill is unmatched. But, have you ever thought about the risks involved? What if your drone crashes, gets stolen, or worse, causes damage to someone’s property? Enter Verifly Drone Insurance, a lifesaver for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Verifly Drone Insurance is all about, why you need it, and how it can save you from potential financial disasters.

What is Verifly Drone Insurance?

Verifly Drone Insurance is an on-demand insurance service designed specifically for drone operators. Unlike traditional insurance policies that require long-term commitments, Verifly offers flexibility. You can purchase coverage for as little as an hour, perfect for spontaneous flights or specific projects. This means you only pay for the coverage when you need it, making it cost-effective and efficient.

Key Features of Verifly Drone Insurance

  1. On-Demand Coverage: Purchase insurance by the hour, day, or month.
  2. Liability Coverage: Up to $10 million in liability protection.
  3. Flexible Plans: Choose from various coverage options to suit your needs.
  4. Easy to Use: Purchase and manage your policy through a user-friendly app.
  5. Comprehensive Coverage: Includes third-party liability, property damage, and invasion of privacy claims.

Why Do You Need Verifly Drone Insurance?

Imagine this: you’re flying your drone over a beautiful landscape, capturing the perfect shot. Suddenly, a gust of wind throws your drone off course, and it crashes into a parked car. Without insurance, you could be liable for the damages, which could cost you thousands of dollars. Verifly Drone Insurance protects you from such scenarios, offering peace of mind and financial security.

Benefits of Having Drone Insurance

  • Financial Protection: Covers costs associated with accidents, damages, and legal claims.
  • Peace of Mind: Fly your drone without worrying about potential mishaps.
  • Professionalism: Shows clients you are responsible and prepared for any situation.
  • Legal Compliance: Meets regulatory requirements for commercial drone operations in many areas.

How Does Verifly Drone Insurance Work?

Getting started with Verifly Drone Insurance is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Verifly App: Available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up using your email and personal details.
  3. Select Your Coverage: Choose the duration and type of coverage you need.
  4. Get a Quote: The app provides an instant quote based on your selections.
  5. Purchase the Policy: Confirm and pay for your insurance policy.
  6. Fly with Confidence: You’re now covered and can fly your drone with peace of mind.

Verifly Drone Insurance Pricing

One of the standout features of Verifly is its transparent pricing. Rates start as low as $10 per hour, depending on factors like location, duration, and coverage amount. The app provides a detailed breakdown, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Verifly Drone Insurance vs. Traditional Drone Insurance

You might be wondering, why choose Verifly over traditional insurance policies? Let’s break it down:


  • Verifly: Pay only when you need coverage.
  • Traditional Insurance: Requires long-term commitments, often with annual contracts.


  • Verifly: Ideal for occasional or short-term use.
  • Traditional Insurance: Better suited for frequent flyers with regular drone operations.

Ease of Use

  • Verifly: Simple app-based purchase and management.
  • Traditional Insurance: Typically involves more paperwork and time-consuming processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Verifly Drone Insurance cover?

Verifly Drone Insurance covers third-party liability, property damage, and invasion of privacy claims. It also provides coverage for medical expenses if someone is injured.

How do I purchase Verifly Drone Insurance?

You can purchase Verifly Drone Insurance through their mobile app. Simply download the app, create an account, select your coverage, and pay for the policy.

Is Verifly Drone Insurance available everywhere?

Verifly Drone Insurance is available in most states in the U.S. However, coverage may vary based on location, so it’s best to check the app for availability in your area.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use the insurance?

Verifly operates on a no-refund policy since the coverage is purchased for specific time frames. Be sure to only purchase coverage when you plan to fly.

Do I need Verifly Drone Insurance if I fly recreationally?

While it’s not legally required for recreational drone pilots, having insurance is highly recommended. It protects you from potential financial losses in case of accidents or damages.


In a world where drones are becoming increasingly popular, having reliable insurance is more important than ever. Verifly Drone Insurance offers a flexible, cost-effective solution tailored to the unique needs of drone operators. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, Verifly provides the coverage you need to fly with confidence. So, next time you take to the skies, make sure you’re covered with Verifly Drone Insurance. Your wallet (and peace of mind) will thank you.

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