A guide to auto insurance from the Netherlands

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From the Netherlands auto insurance policies insure the automobile instead of compared to the motorist. Thus, anyone having a valid driving permit can drive your vehicle. On the other hand, the individual whose title is on the insurance remains legally responsible for any harm. By law, you should have third-party auto insurance from the Netherlands. This insures you against any harm or harm to others brought on by your car or truck.

To take our Auto Insurance from the Netherlands, you may need to:

Be a resident

Possess a Dutch vehicle, or an imported foreign automobile with a Registered Dutch license plate

Possess a valid driving license

Since the automobile rather than the motorist is insured, it’s only feasible to insure 1 car in your own insurance plan. But many businesses offer you discounted insurance premiums for policies carried on other vehicles.

Auto Insurance is the biggest insurance marketplace in the Netherlands out of health insurance and life insurance. In 2017 alone, there have been approximately 1 million claims associated with automobile injuries in the Netherlands. As a result of this, you’ve got loads of options when it comes to taking a car insurance netherlands plan. Auto Insurance companies in the Netherlands include:

Centraal Beheer






Should you proceed into the Netherlands from another EU country, you can utilize a present valid insurance plan. Nonetheless, this is just if policy provided is equal to Dutch insurance policy along with your overseas policy allows it.

Citizens from non-EU nations moving into the Netherlands usually need to take a brand new Dutch auto insurance plan straightaway.

Third-party liability (WA-verzekering)

This is the compulsory minimum amount of automobile insurance in the Netherlands. This covers the harm caused from the car to additional parties, such as damage to vehicles, damage to property, and harms to other people. It gives coverage when you’ve got an accident in which you’re at fault.

Third-party liability insurance is a sensible choice if you drive an old or cheap vehicle, or when you do not drive very often.

Extended accountability (WA-beperkt casco)

Also Called WA-plus, this really is actually the equivalent of coverages occasionally called ‘third party, fire & theft’. Along with covering third parties because of damage caused from the vehicle, in addition, it covers damage to your vehicle in certain conditions outside of your control. These include:




storm damage

collisions with animals

All-risk (allriskverzekering)

Also called comprehensive coverage, this also covers all damage to your vehicle and harm inflicted on third parties. There are a number of exceptions, typically concerning deliberate damage. Check your insurance coverage for exceptions prior to signing.

All-risk insurance is a great option when you have a new or expensive automobile, where the price of replacing the car yourself at the case of an incident could be too fantastic.

Auto Insurance prices

Auto insurance prices in the Netherlands, like those in other European nations, will be contingent upon lots of variables. You’ll have the ability to get cheaper auto insurance if you’re considered a lower risk motorist.

Factors taken into Consideration on Dutch Auto Insurance premiums include:

Driving experience and history

Age and health of automobile owner

Auto worth

vehicle weight

You can also decrease your auto insurance by increasing your surplus or deductible. This is the sum which you need to pay towards any claim you make. All insurance companies are going to have compulsory excess however, you may opt to grow this so as to lessen your monthly or yearly premium.

Typical Yearly Auto Insurance rates from the Netherlands in 2016 were approximately $400. This is the sixth highest in the EU.

Additional Kinds of automobile insurance from the Netherlands

You can opt for extra coverage when picking car insurance from the Netherlands. Most firms provide a range of tailored coverages. Frequent Added Kinds of automobile insurance include:

Breakdown insurance can pay for the expenses of getting your Auto repaired and towed from case of a breakdown, in addition to replacement transportation expenses.

No-claim protection — known as no-claim bescherming, this may insure against the very first episode in any policy year which may impact your no-claims bonus.

Gear and luggage insurance covers damage to bags and garments belonging to you or other occupants in your car.

Personal injury insurance — known as ongevallen Inzittendenverzekering, covers medical expenses and offers reimbursement in case of death or disability.

Legal expenses insurance — known as rechtbijstandberzekering, covers all charges in case of legal proceedings associated with an incident.

Auto Insurance bonuses and penalties from the Netherlands

Like many other areas, the Netherlands utilizes the no-claims bonus method. This is where you may lower your auto insurance premiums based on the number of years you’ve gone without creating an insurance claim.

Every claim-free year entitles one to a further discount. Automobile Insurance companies in the Netherlands will each possess their very own no-claims strategy, but it’s likely to save up to 80 percent on yearly insurance costs for extended periods without creating a claim (e.g., 10-15 years).