A Toothbrush Travel case has many Benefits

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  • These might not be necessary for you to understand, but I will.
  • Protects the head and brush handle from damage during transit
  • Protects the brush handle (if it is electric) from accidental activation
  • It is easier to carry if you only have one item in your bag.
  • Allows for storage of more than one brushhead
  • A toothbrush travel case has its drawbacks

While a case can Protect the Brush During Transit, there are some Drawbacks?

  • It can be very expensive to buy, given its limited usage.
  • It is important to choose the right brush for you. Not all brushes are created equal.
  • Make sure it has a charging stand.
  • If you have a large family, it is important to find one that can hold more than two brush heads.
  • Some products are very cheap, but they have poor quality.
  • Some are bulky and can take up a lot space.
  • There may be additional questions or concerns that you have about a particular travel case. Continue reading and I hope you will find at least one travel solution for your toothbrush.

Toothbrush sleeves and covers

  • It is important to note that not all brushes have the same style cover.
  • Some toothbrushes, especially those made by Quip or Colgate, come with a protective case that acts more as a cap or sleeves than a whole toothbrush.

They generally slide down above the Toothbrush travel case head and down over its Handle

The drawbacks include that extra heads cannot be protected and charging stands cannot be carried (with electric toothbrushes), and they are only compatible with the particular model (universal fit to manual brushes). These toothbrush travel case come standard with a travel case for an electric toothbrush and cannot be bought separately, but they can be used to attach manual brushes.

What manual comes with a toothbrush travel case travel bag?

A few manual toothbrushes include a travel case. Some manual toothbrushes come with a travel case, but they are usually smaller and more suitable for traveling.

Oral-B electric toothbrushes include a travel case

These brushes are supplied with a travel bag by Oral-B at the time they are purchased.

  1. Pro 680
  2. Pro 2 2500
  3. Pro 3 3000
  4. Pro 7000
  5. Smart 4 500

Except for the Genius 9000 or Genius X, all models come with a basic but functional hard plastic moulded case. This will hold the brush handle as well as up to two brush heads.

The premium travel case for the 9000 and X has a better look and feel. It can hold 2 brush heads and a handle, and also charges a USB-powered gadget.