Take a look at our Nursing White Gloves Health Benefits.

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Nursing White Gloves Health: How you Want It. Wherever You Want It?

You deserve to be recognized as a nurse for all your hard work. It is important to have a job that you are happy with. We love our White Gloves Health nurses, and we ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Join our White Glove Community Care nursing home if you’re a nurse looking to change your pace. We offer home care services to both pediatric and adult patients. You will have a rewarding experience helping others in your community and reap the benefits that you won’t want to miss.

Weekly/Direct Deposit

You don’t have to wait for two weeks to get paid. Instead, you can be paid every week. You can have your money transferred to any bank account that you use.

Flex Benefits

Every employee is issued a flex card, which is processed every month. The card can be used for cell phone bills, childcare, pharmacy, copays, vision care, prescriptions, and other expenses.

Health Insurance

We believe you deserve to be well taken care of. So we offer a comprehensive insurance plan that will cover you while you work for us.

Paid Time Off/ Sick Leave

You are responsible for your health so if you feel unwell, you can call in sick without worrying about losing your pay. After 120 days of employment, you can get your paid time off.

Get Discounts

Discounts are a favorite of everyone. Tickets at Work allows you to save money on entertainment, vacations and shopping. Exclusive offers available only to White Glove employees

Referral Bonus

We’ll reward you for spreading our word! We will reward you for referring friends to our White Glove Team.

Are you Still Waiting?

What are you waiting for?! We will help you create a nursing resume that will make you proud. All nurses are welcome to look at our jobs and have our recruiters assist you. We also accept new graduates, so let us help you get started in the 2020 nursing class!

We are Grateful!

Our mission is to ensure that every White Gloves Health employee receives the highest rates and best benefits. Talk to your recruiter about the right case for you.