Chihuahua Dog – Chiwawa Dog Information

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The Chiwawa

Chiwawa dogs make up part of the toy breed. They bring a lot of energy and intelligence in a small package.

You’ve probably had a Chihuahua before and know how easy they are to love. These dogs are smaller than larger breeds and can be bred from smaller breeds. There are two types: the Chihuahua with long hair and the Chihuahua with short hair.

Chiwawa Size & Appearance

When fully grown, the Chihuahua weighs between 3-7 pounds and measures six- to eight inches. According to the A.K.C. The A.K.C. standards for a Chihuahua are that it should not exceed 6 pounds. The head of this breed is well-rounded and apple-shaped. It has a small muzzle which contrasts with the size of its head. Both the muzzle and head are slightly pointed.


Sometimes, puppies may have a “molera”, or soft spot on top of their skulls. As the dog grows into an adult, the bone will usually Mobile Pet Groomers close. Chihuahua’s trademark ears should be kept erect for most of the time. However, they may flare at the sides when calm or relaxed.

They are expressive and full of life, with round eyes. You can tell a lot more about a Chihuahua by just looking at their eyes. They are very distinct and very bright in either a black or a ruby color. Some cats exotics Chihuahuas have bright eyes if they have blond or white coats. A Chihuahua’s nose is often blonde or self-colored if there is a Chihuahua who is blonde or lighter colored. Otherwise, they have a pointed black nose that is long and pointed.

Chiwawa Colors

The colors of the Chiwawa depend on whether they have long or short hair. The most popular type is the one with short hair. You can choose from sand, blonde, fawn, silver, steel, black, Tan, part-color, or mix with many colors spotted, bloched, just to name a few of the most popular colors. Some Chihuahuas come in rarer colors.

Chihuahuas are sometimes called “teacup” or “pocket-sized” or “miniature,” but they were not born that way. They are small dogs by nature and are considered the standard size dog, regardless of their size.

Chiwawa Personality

Chiwawas are known for being energetic and playful, loyal and protective of their owners. It is often said that the Chihuahua is a big dog with a small body because of how brave they are. They are always the first to protect the house and will bark at any visitor.