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One card has been referenced repeatedly over the years in American calling cards and American psycho card. The card’s fame comes from a short movie clip that lasts about four seconds. Yet, it is one of the most requested cards.

We are referring to Paul Allen’s Pierce & Pierce card from American psycho card, a 2000 horror/thriller. We will take a closer look at this card and the four others featured in the film and attempt to understand why it is so beloved and popular.

American psycho card Patrick Bateman

We will start with Patrick Bateman’s business card. We have printed many times upon request his card, which is second only to Paul Allen’s in popularity. According to the movie, Patrick’s card was printed on “bone” colored papers and set in a fictional font called “Silian Rail.” However, Garamond Classico SC (small cap) appears to be the actual typeface. Patrick’s american psycho card has a few issues. The type is off-center and painfully far to its left edge. It is also too low, so the card’s tighter lower margin is not in balance with its much larger top margin.

This gives the card a unhinged appearance that may speak to the character’s mental health. However, we won’t be able to discuss film or character analysis and will instead focus on the cards. The card is also out of register. There’s no space between “Pierce” and the ampersand in the company name at top right. Patrick’s card also has a typo. All four cards incorrectly spell “acquisitions” using the omission of the c. Patrick proudly displays the card to his colleagues, to which he is met with mild praise. Let’s laugh at Patrick and look at the strengths of his card.

One, the American psycho card was clearly printed by letterpress

One, the American psycho card was clearly printed by letterpress. The impressions made in the paper can be seen when the card is viewed graduate analyst at a particular angle. Garamond typefaces have been a timeless and respected choice for centuries. You might also recognize a Garamond when you see it in the Abercrombie & Fitch logo or in the Harry Potter book US edition. Although the chosen typeface and print quality are professional and traditional, it is distracting from the card’s strengths. Update: We have created our corrected Patrick Bateman calling card template.

David Van Patten

David Van Patten is second to display his business american psycho card. His card is just like Patrick’s but it is placed off-center. However, the top margin is too narrow and too white. David calls his card “Eggshell with Romalian Type”, but they were actually printed on thickly textured, uncoated paper and then set in Bodoni. Although his card is too high, it is still centered from left-to-right, giving it an advantage over Patrick’s.