Your Career Gear 2-Year College Plan

Junior Year – Career Gear  Options for Experienced Students

  1. Career gear goals: Set and test them
  2. Participate in the Spring and Fall Career Fairs
  3. Interviews with informational people
  4. Review graduate school catalogs
  5. Join career-related organisations
  6. Book an appointment at the Career Center
  7. Ask a peer counselor to review your resume+

Interviewing for Career Gear – Research shows that you only have 30 seconds to make an impression in a job interview. A great cover letter and resume will help you get the interview. However, it is important to have excellent interviewing skills in order to be hired. This helpful information can help you prepare.

  1. Limit your career options
  2. To access job postings and internships, keep your Connections account up to date
  3. Get a summer internship
  4. Senior Year – Transition to life after college
  5. Strategize for finding work or being accepted to graduate school or professional school.
  6. Participate in the Spring and Fall Career Days

Job Search Strategies – Students might choose to approach their job search from many perspectives. These links will help you business rates to understand the many options available for a successful job hunt. Remember, there is no “catchall” method. It is best to try several approaches to make your job search a success.

  1. Attend the Graduate/Professional School Information Day
  2. Book an appointment at the Career Center
  3. Register with Connections to update your resume
  4. Create your Career Plan A/Plan B
  5. Register for Mock Interviews
  6. Connect with us to sign up for On-Campus interviews
  7. Review graduate/professional school programs
  8. Establish references

Resumes/CVs/Letters: Please refer to the Career Center Handbook for more information and examples of Resumes, Cover Letters, and CV’s.

Salary Resources – Congratulations! They have offered you a job and told you how much you would make. Is this a ‘good deal’? These resources can help you get more information on salary based upon geographic location and years of experience.


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