Who is Avani Reyes?

What are their Responsibilities?

Tessica Brown was the first to go viral for her “Gorilla Glue Girl” hair spray. Avani Reyes (20 years old TikToker) seems to have gotten herself in the same situation after she claimed that she accidentally sprayed glue on her hair but couldn’t get it off. This is just days after Brown had traveled to Los Angeles to receive treatment.

Avani Reyes posted several TikTok videos explaining her situation. However, avani reyes was criticised in the comments for trying too hard to make some money and gain ‘clout. Reyes attempts to comb her pink hair, which is covered in a thick layer glue. She rubbed her head and said, “You guys, my hair won’t comb.” “Y’all,” she said while patting her head. The clip had been viewed over 15.5k times and received 1340 comments at the time of writing.

Who is Avani Reyes, and what are their responsibilities?

With more than 459,000 followers, the content creator for TikTok is a popular figure. Her clips show her trying to review fashion products. Avani reyes uploaded a series of clips in which she can be seen saying, “I’m on the way to the hospital right at this moment.” My scalp is burning.”

“I must go to the hospital to have this Gorilla Glue removed. I don’t know what to do. It washed. It won’t come off. Another video shows her trembling and nearing breaking down. She said she was having a panic attack. According to The Daily Mail, avani reyes claimed that she created a GoFundMe account, but never shared a link from it. She claimed she had raised enough money to fly to LA to undergo the same surgery as Brown. According to a clip, she said that one person donated $3,000 to her.

Brown donated a lot of her money to “The Restore Foundation”, a non-profit that helps people who are going through similar situations or need expensive surgery they cannot afford. Brown’s manager stated to the site that there were more than $21,000 in donations. She decided to put most of that money into the Restore Foundation, which provides reconstructive surgery for people.

Avani Reyes

Dr Michael Obeng,  purple clouds a Los Angeles-based plastic surgery, is the head of the non-profit. Obeng is well-known for his success. Brown also received miracle hair restoration from him. Brown explained that the miracle hair restoration was performed for people who couldn’t afford it after being in similar circumstances.


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