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What Actually Happens?

  • Business Magnet relies on customers who aren’t sure where their inquiries originate.
  • There are fees to list on Business Magnet, and many customers blindly renew them year after year.
  • Business Magnet will provide data that shows page views as well as clicks to customer websites.
  • They don’t seem to have the technology necessary to verify the dates and times of clicks.
  • This is a strange thing for a company that has financial resources.
  • We can track clicks to a customer’s website within A1WebStats (from any source including Business Magnet).
  • The number of clicks received from Business Magnet during a given time period.
  • After landing, what each clicker looked at on the site.
  • Our figures are significantly different from what Business Magnet claims.

The Conversation Changes

Business Magnet will now focus on the benefits and how many people can find it via Google searches. This ultimately leads to them clicking through to their customer websites.

Although it sounds great, there is no SEO benefit to having a larger profile on Business Magnet. However, Google isn’t as interested in their website as they claim.

  • It’s actually quite disgusting!
  • Here’s where the real test begins…

The test Google.

You can search for products that are related to what you sell, such as red widgets.

Browse the search results.

Are you noticing Business Magnet pages prominently appearing in search results?

We suspect not.

The reality is that even though you pay to be on Business Magnet you won’t be easily found via a Google search.

How to determine if Business Magnet is worth your time

If you already have a listing (paid or unpaid) on Business Magnet, go to our page http://a1webstats.com/2020/12/23/three-ways-that-a1webstats-guarantees-to-get-you-more-business/ and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Ask our staff to demonstrate to you how to view visitors from Business Magnet during your trial.

  • Expect to be disappointed.
  • You’ll be happy, however, to discover the truth.

While you wait for website visitors data accumulating, type in some search phrases into Google. These are the phrases you want to appear under. You can check to see if Business Magnet is listed in these search results.

With this information, you can decide if it is worth the investment to get a larger Business Magnet profile. We are pretty certain we know the answer.

What happens to A1WebStats after business magnet it’s finished?

  • You don’t have to do anything if it chiwawa doesn’t matter.
  • We are happy to help you save money.

You can continue with A1WebStats if you feel that it is valuable to you after the trial (in different ways), then that’s equally great.

  • You won’t be sold to if you try A1WebStats for a free trial – that is what you can be sure of.
  • A1WebStats was created to assist businesses in achieving greater results with their websites.

Tracking the visits of companies to our website, as well as assessing the return on investment, is what we do. We are very focused on getting more inquiries about our products and services.