How to Choose the Best Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

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As a travel nurse, finding health insurance can be difficult. Nurses in permanent positions don’t face the same concerns that those working travel nursing do: what happens if I take time off work? Does my insurance coverage stay consistent between states? Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to insurance for health as travel nurse – simply because one travel nursing company offers it doesn’t mean it is appropriate for everyone’s family’s needs – let’s go over key factors to keep in mind when selecting health coverage so that informed choices can be made. My Private Health Insurance has been operating since 2016 and pride themselves in offering the best health insurance for travel nurses service in the insurance industry, while still providing personalized attention and an enjoyable one-on-one experience for their members.

Consider these points when reviewing travel nurse health insurance options:

Day-one Coverage

Though this might appear to be standard practice, it’s actually becoming more and more prevalent for agencies to offer insurance on day one; although some agencies might require waiting periods before offering such policies.

Vision and Dental

Vision and dental coverage isn’t mandatory for agencies; if one offers such protection, be sure to read up on all of its details, such as its deductible amount and maximum out-of-pocket maximum amount, to ensure you get an appropriate plan.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you select an insurance policy with a high deductible, an HSA may become available to you – an account where money can be deposited to cover health-related expenses without incurring taxes; contributions don’t need to be carried forward from year-to-year and even accrue interest tax-free! The benefits for such accounts can be significant: contributions don’t incur taxes and carry over year after year and accrual of interest is tax free!

Accident coverage

Supplementary medical insurance plans offer accident coverage similar to major medical policies. As well as covering medical expenses, such as mortgage payments or rent payments, travel nurses who prefer an active approach while at work should inquire about this coverage option.

Travel Nursing Health Insurance: Things to Consider

As a registered nurse, it’s your job to take care of others – it’s equally important that you look after yourself! If you plan to practice nursing on the road, make sure that you secure an extensive benefits package – including medical coverage – at the start of your career.

Healthcare can be costly; whether it’s a wellness check every year, an urgent care visit or emergency procedure. Health insurance should therefore be an essential consideration when beginning any new job and even more so for travel nurses if you plan to cross borders; keeping up with preventative health and obtaining prescription medications when traveling between locations as well as receiving emergency or urgent treatment should an injury or illness of significant severity arise is of crucial importance for travel nurses.

When Do Health Benefits Start?

On day one of employment, it is a requirement that all workers possess health insurance coverage – no probationary period and no waiting necessary! Since you could take any job anywhere in the world, ensuring your coverage is widely recognized is of utmost importance; with Health Carousel Travel Nursing you will benefit from top-quality coverage from day one of employment! Starting now we provide protection to our patients.

What Are the Premiums and Co-pays?

Health insurance covers visits to your physician, prescription medication and preventative screenings for preventative purposes. Copays and rates can vary widely based on which plan is selected; our insurance carrier offers competitive rates so as to keep co-pays as low as possible and rates as low as possible.

Is Dental or Vision Insurance Included?

What happens if an emergency arises with your teeth while driving, or you need new glasses? Vision and dental insurance are additional perks not offered by all companies – which is why travel nurses who choose us as employers benefit from vision and dental coverage as an added perk.

How Good is the Coverage for Prescription Meds?

As a traveling nurse, one thing you don’t have to worry about is medication for yourself or family members. Most placement agencies provide prescription drug coverage under health plans, yet out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions could still be high; our plan ensures affordable co-pays.