How to find the best car insurance deal

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This is a significant finding. A third of drivers are unhappy with their insurance policies, and most drivers continue to renew them without looking for alternatives.

This is something that car insurance companies are well aware of. They raise rates when policies are renewed, which happens usually every six months to every year. Express Auto Insurance offers an array of insurance services and coverages that are suitable for every driver. That’s right, ANY DRIVER within Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and the rest of Nevada.

How to find car insurance

1. Find out the minimum coverage requirements for your state

Law requires that liability coverage be in place. Liability insurance covers you for any injuries you cause to another vehicle, driver or passengers in an accident. Your lender may require collision and comprehensive coverage if you finance your vehicle.

State requirements for liability coverage and minimums differ. Most states require liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damages. Uninsured motorists and underinsured drivers are also covered by liability insurance.

2. Compare at least three policies

Comparing policies from at least three different auto insurers is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any important questions or red flags. You should also compare local and national companies. It will surprise you to learn that many regional insurers offer better customer service than national ones.

Comparing prices is a good practice for several reasons. It prevents you from thinking that one company is the best. One company may be more open than the other when it comes to certain features of their policy. This will allow you to create a list with questions that you should ask all potential insurers.

3. Although tempting, don’t fall for it.

You might feel tempted to “fudge” your numbers in order to obtain a lower rate when you are faced with rising premiums. This is not a common temptation. You’re not the only one.

You might get lower premiums if this route is taken, but all these lies will be exposed if you file an insurance claim. You could end up paying the entire amount of damages as your policy will be void. This is because the price you paid was not based on the facts of your case. It’s important to not play the odds when shopping and to be completely truthful.

4. Ask for discounts

Asking for a discount is one way to get cheap auto insurance. Although most companies offer discounts, there might be others that aren’t. Common discounts include:

Members of professional associations may be eligible for discounts (make sure you name it).

  • Special bundle pricing for auto insurance policies that include other policies such as homeowner’s and renter’s insurance
  • Multi-car discounts
  • Special offers for your annual or six-month premium payment in one payment
  • Anti-theft systems are installed
  • Discounts for good driving records
  • Discounts on your monthly payments that can save you money in the long-term

These steps will help you relax and ensure that you are getting the best rates for your car insurance.

Be thorough when searching for companies. Start with national companies and then look into local companies to compare rates. It will be a good decision. Consumers who shop around can save on average 47% on premium costs or $847 annually. Even if you save only a fraction, $200 in savings can be used elsewhere.