12 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips for much lower premiums

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12 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips for much lower premiums

It can be a difficult task to buy car insurance. There are so many options and channels to select from that it can seem difficult to decide. You can make it even more difficult if you try to lower your premiums without increasing the risk or reducing your coverage.

Most motor insurance policies are priced based on your birth date and age. It’s not possible to lower your insurance premiums if you haven’t moved or become older.

However, this isn’t always the case. Whatever method you employ to purchase insurance for your car these money-saving tricks will almost guarantee that your rates will be lower in the beginning and when you renew. Just changing one of the premium-rating factors that make up your quotes could result in a new estimate.

These money-saving Car Insurance tips are explained

Remember to not automatically renew your insurance for the exact same insurance company prior to launching. It’s virtually certain that you can get a similar to like coverage for less with another insurance company if you shop at different places and compare insurance policies and rates from various providers.

1. Explore online – Visit a variety of suppliers

It is a good thing with at least PS150, $200 or two hours of work. This is the least amount you could save on your annual premiums, if you spend a few hours searching for quotes online.

Visit a supermarket for car insurance comparison site. Contact the provider directly if you think the rates are excessive but you are still interested in the coverage offered by the specific insurance company.

The major websites for comparison of motor insurance that you see advertised on television will direct you to the provider’s site itself to complete the deal’, so its recommended to shut down the application, clear the cookies from your browsers memory to ensure that you do not pay commission inclusive rates, and go directly to the insurance company.

You should also visit an insurance provider for autos. They used to be only accessible in the High Street but are now popping up all over the internet. Whatever your individual needs, be it lady driver coverage or classic car insurance specialists in car insurance by their very nature usually offer lower quotes because they benefit from the economies of scale facilitated through group purchasing of insurance.

2. Do your research

Who’s offering bargains on TV at the moment? Every person searching for insurance for their motor is a different person with various needs for cover. Think about what your particular needs are for cover and then find providers to meet them. For example, if are you an elderly person You should look on the Internet for automobile insurance policies for people over fifties.

3. Go for a no frills Car Insurance policy

If you don’t have to worry about the quality of your coverage and you only need basic road hazards, so think about one of the policies that insurance companies offer as ‘value-car insurance‘. While these policies don’t provide the full protection required under the Road Traffic Act and may be only suitable for drivers who are young or vehicles with low mileage but they can be useful.

4. Only get cover for what you need

When you already have AA coverage and another vehicle in your driveway that you could take advantage of, why would you have to cover the cost of car breakdown or additional costs such as the cost of replacing your vehicle in the event of an accident? Be sure to check the details of your current policy and eliminate any redundant or unneeded coverages.

5. Take on the risk yourself

There are two options available when it comes to taking on greater risk through Car Insurance. You can decide how much insurance you require in the first place. It could be comprehensive or third party, and include the option of theft and fire. In most insurance policies you can choose to decide how much of the accident cost you would like to pay prior to an insurance company filing a claim. This is called the voluntary excess. It is the amount that is taken out of any claim. It is recommended to pay the repair costs for your accident yourself, even if they’re lower than the amount of your voluntary excess.

6. A better security system for cars and locations can lower the danger of vehicles

Discounts will also be provided in the event that you park your car off the road or in a garage during the night. You may be able to lower your insurance if you have an old-fashioned car that does not come with security equipment, such as alarms for cars, immobilizers as well as GPS trackers.

7. Improve your driving or change your life style

Your premiums will be significantly higher if you file a claim on your driving behavior or have more than one SP30 to speed. Insurance costs could be cut by altering how you drive or changing your life style.

8. Cut down on your Car Insurance Usage

You can decrease the amount of time you spend driving your vehicle and reduce the risk you take to an underwriter. You should check how many miles you drive each year to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Don’t make a false mileage declaration in an attempt to save money since should you ever make claims the mileage as well as your MOT if applicable will be scrutinized by a claims assessor. If there is a significant gap between the declared mileage and the actual amount you’ve traveled, you may be liable to have your claim denied or diminished in value.

9. The full amount of the premium must be paid upfront

Most UK insurance companies charge additional fees for handling monthly direct debit transactions. You can often get discounts of five to 10 percent if you pay online immediately or over the phone with the debit card.

10. Consider specialist insurance as well as car insurance plans

Investigate insurance specialists that target specific groups of people of automobile type, such as performance motor insurance or coverage for young drivers. These policies offer exclusive policies and protections that are tailored to the specific needs of the driver class. They tend to be cheaper than standardised insurance plans offered by comparison sites as they offer large-scale buying economies with regard to claims and underwriting, as well as an established risk pool of similar types of people and cars.

11. Join a Car club

Special affinity rates are offered by a variety of car owners associations and special marques clubs to help you get specialist car insurance. Membership fees of these clubs may be lower than the five or 10 percent savings you could make on your premiums by joining such a scheme.

12. Learn advanced driving skills

You could save a substantial amount of money with many online insurance companies when you’ve completed an advanced driving skill training course, or ADC. The courses are available across the country and the savings you can make each year on insurance premiums will surpass the cost. Savings are higher for drivers who are young and this is among the most positive steps young drivers can take to reduce his or her annual car insurance cost.

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