MMG Insurance: Company at a Glance

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MMG Insurance: What You Need to Know?

MMG Insurance was established in 1897. This gives the company over 100 years of insurance experience. MMG Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options to individuals and businesses. These include personal and business umbrella insurance, homeowners insurance and personal and commercial auto insurance. The insurance company’s headquarters is in Presque Isle Maine.

MMG currently offers its products in five states, including Virginia, New Hampshire and Vermont. MMG works with more than 3,000 independent agents to provide a better and more personalized service for customers. MMG’s total premium written had surpassed $200,000 million as of 2019.

Established in 1897

  • A variety of insurance products are available
  • Personal and business insurance available
  • Five states offer coverage

A.M. Best gives “A” rating (excellent)

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB), rating “A+” (excellent).
  • Strong financial stability
  • 24/7 claim reporting
  • Good customer feedback

There are many discounts available

MMG Pros has more than 100 years of experience in the auto insurance business. A.M. Best, and the BBB have given them high ratings. There are many coverage options available for individuals and businesses. These include commercial auto insurance and umbrella insurance as well as personal auto insurance and homeowners insurance. Offers 24/7 claims reporting via phone. There are many discounts. Good customer feedback. Only works with independent fire insurance agents.

MMG Cons: Not available in all areas

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What types of insurance does MMG offer?

MMG provides a range of coverage options for both individuals and businesses. They offer:

  • Insurance for homeowners
  • Dwelling fire insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Watercraft insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Auto insurance for businesses
  • Insurance for business owners
  • Farm owner insurance
  • Commercial umbrella insurance

Insurance for special trade contractors

An independent agent can help determine if MMG offers the right coverage for you.

MMG is a financial sound insurance estimates company that has a solid outlook for the future. This is due to its long history, large amount of in-force insurance and wide range of coverages for individuals and businesses. MMG has been awarded an “A” rating by A.M. Best. This is a sign that the carrier is a top choice for customers in the insurance market. Customers can be assured that MMG offers guaranteed, secure coverage through a trusted and reputable insurance carrier.


A.M. Best was founded in 1899 and is one of the oldest rating agencies in the world. A.M. Best reviews are based upon comprehensive assessments of the company’s operating performance, balance sheet, and business profile. A.M. Best’s rating system enables customers to make informed decisions about which insurance company they can trust in order to meet their short-term needs and to stay a financially sound, strong insurance company over the long-term.

What discounts does MMG insurance offer?

MMG doesn’t make details about specific discounts easily available. However, many carriers offer common discounts on similar coverages. These discounts may include:

Auto insurance customers who have anti-theft devices installed in their vehicles are eligible for a discount.

  • Student discount: Available to young drivers who do well in school.
  • Multi-car discount: Available to customers with auto insurance who insure more vehicles through one carrier.
  • Discount on a new roof: Available to homeowners who have their roof replaced or upgraded.
  • Discount on burglar alarms: Available to homeowners who have installed burglar alarms and other security systems.

A professional insurance agent can assist you in finding out more about MMG discounts and other ways to save money. They will also provide quotes and answer any questions.

MMG Insurance Customer Service

MMG allows customers to make claims by phone anytime. These are the customer service options offered by MMG:

  • 24/7 phone claims reporting.
  • Online bill payment
  • Snail mail contact option.
  • Contact form for general inquiries available on the website

The following hours are restricted for customer service

Independent insurance agents are the best choice for handling your customer service requirements. Agents can help you make customer service more efficient by handling claims and other issues.

What is the average MMG claims response time?

MMG customers can file claims over the telephone at any time. According to the official website of MMG, customers must contact MMG within one business day of filing a claim.

How is MMG’s customer support available?

MMG’s customer service phone number is only available during restricted hours Monday through Friday. Customers can file insurance claims by phone anytime. Customers can also access the carrier’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What is MMG’s claim process?

MMG offers customers the ability to file claims via a variety of channels. However, the official website of MMG does not provide any details about how to file claims. Customers can contact their agent directly or reach out to the carrier if they have any questions about the claims process.

Is MMG Insurance able to provide a user-friendly experience?

MMG’s website layout is simple to use and well-organized. The pages are well-designed and easy to navigate. However, MMG’s website could benefit from a more detailed claims process. Modern customer services options include online find-an-agent and get-a-quote. To ensure that their customers are satisfied, the carrier only works with independent agents. MMG is also active on social media and provides a user-friendly experience.

Is MMG able to provide homeowners insurance that is affordable?

MMG offers a wide range of coverages, including homeowners insurance. MMG offers two special programs that can be used to increase homeowners coverage: the Home Advantage Ultra and Home Advantage Ultra plans. These coverage-enhancing options provide additional coverage as per the official website:

“These plans are carefully Designed to provide greater coverage for the following

  • Other Medical Payments
  • Securities, accounts, deeds and evidence of debt. Letters of credit.
  • All types of watercraft, including outboard motors, trailers, and furnishings.
  • Semi-trailers or trailers not for use with watercraft

Theft of jewelry, watches and furs as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones can result in loss.

  • Loss of silverware, goldware, and other items.
  • Bank notes, money, bullion and other goldware are all acceptable.
  • Additional coverage is available beyond this:
  • Additional 25% Discount on Insurance for Your Dwelling
  • Your personal property can be increased up to 70% of your dwelling amount
  • Cost of replacing personal property
  • Protect your refrigerator from fire
  • Special Computer Coverage
  • Water backup, sump discharge or overflow
  • Certain non-building structures may require replacement costs
  • Identity Fraud
  • Personal Injury

PLUS, MMG’s home advantage also covers losses resulting from credit card theft, electronic funds transfer card or access device, forgery, or counterfeit money up to $5,000

An independent agent can provide additional information about MMG’s Homeowners insurance policy and Home Advantage Plans, as well as other coverages.